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Group & Gatherings

The groups and gatherings of the Church of Christ at Edmonton, UK provide a  good opportunity to develop stronger relationships among the members and afford the chance to  minister more effectively in each other’s lives. As Ephesians tells us, the church body, just as the physical body, can be supplied and built up by all the different parts supplying each other. We hope you can join with us in fellowship and be strengthened in your relationship with Jesus and His body.

Stay Connected with Your Group

At Church of Christ Edmonton, UK we desire that each member of the body can communicate and share needs, encouragement and information. One form of communication that has grown in popularity, mostly because of its ease of use, is GroupMe.

GroupMe is an app that can be downloaded onto your smart phone or other device, and functions much like text messaging or social media platforms. Members receive notifications when new messages are posted.

The church manages multiple groups within GroupMe, which allow us to post announcements, prayer requests or other important information. (Men, Ladies, Young Adult, Youth, Youth Parents…) There are some groups that are meant for only announcements, while others encourage conversation among the members. 

If you are a member of Church of Christ Edmonton, UK or a regular attender and you are interested in being added to any of these groups, please contact the office, or ask a staff member. We desire that you are included and that you have all the latest information.

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